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Dr Who - Bad Wolf

April 2010

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Dr Who - Bad Wolf

Friends Only - Comment to Be Added

Art by the wonderful buttfacemakani


me, me, pick me!
Silly...you're already on my flist! LOL
o, ok, i didn't know if you needed to do it all over again or something.
it's for the best, love. i'm bloody paranoid and i talk too much shit for mine to be public. <3
Of course! I took a bunch of people off who I don't really talk to anymore, mostly because I figured you guys were probably tired of reading my stuff. ;o) But I'll add you back right now!
I had to friendslock mine last year because of blackmail. Joy. I'm sorry that you have to do it too.

Add me?
Yeah, it sucks. Thanks. And added!
Am I still on?
Are you still seeing my posts? LOL

Yes, you're still friended. Silly.


Yeah, I replied before I actually logged into LJ. I just haven't been keeping up very well lately, work has been WAY too busy.
I've been adding people from WC..... so add back if you wnat! Just wnated to let you know who I am
Yay, and helllloooo! :o) Have added you back, and am looking forward to getting to know and play with you!
This is off topic entirely but, what's the web site called where you made your icon at?
Thank you :)
You didn't. *hugs* My flist is just getting too big, and I find I can't keep up with having to go back two and sometimes three pages to read through things every time I come home from work.
What movie is the dancing bar sequence on your LJ From? That just looks like a fun movie.
It's from Rent, during the La Vie Boheme sequence.
You're friends with shirerain, yes? I haven't heard from her in several months and was just wondering if you had been in contact with her.

Sorry for the random posting here.
I am. Sorry, but I've lost touch with her over the last year. Hope she's okay. Is she not responding to email?
Hiya, you don't know me, but I'm friends with Nishy, Jillian and Jolene and you always seem to crop up in entries and comments from time to time, so I finally gandered over to have a look. Not only do we share common love for normal things like Harry Potter and Eddy Izzard, but also Rose/the Doctor, Portland, etc, basically everything in your icons.

Anyway, don't feel like you have to friend me, just wanted to say hello and right on, good taste.
Cool! I've added you. I'm horribly boring and mundane though, to warn you, despite what my profile may lead you to believe. ;-)

You like Big Bang Theory!!
Yaywhoo! :)

Oh, I'm obsessed with the Big Bang Theory. They're so spot-on with the nerd jokes, it's impossible not to love it.
Adding in some LARPers; friend if you like yet don't feel obligated:) I tend to be verbose in my writing so if reading your flist is already taxing you might not want to add me to it. I do try to use cuts for my long posts, though.
Me? And did you see that date on this post? Is LJ fracked again?
LOL This was posted years ago, actually. I put the date like that so it would always be the first post.
I just wanted to say that your Sarah Palin debate flow chart is a thing of beauty. And brilliance. And sadly, truth.

*bows in the presence of genius*
Thanks! Though I stole it from someone on my flist who in turn stole it from someone else and so on...so it's not really my genius. ;-)

I'm guessing someone must have linked you to the chart itself, since the post is locked? qurinas, maybe?

Edited at 2008-10-04 12:55 pm (UTC)
Would help if I read my flist before responding to comments. LOL Now that I see his post it all makes sense.

Glad it could amuse more people!


Hullo from probably your most recent surgeon friend :)
Sevi pointed me over here; I was curious enough to at least leave a note. No worries if you don't know me well enough: I totally understand the feeling. :)

Re: *waves*

Of course I'll friend you!
I realized today on the way to Border's that we weren't yet. which is odd as we tend to comment hog on Lizzy's eljay.
Would you like a jelly baby? ;) tenderpaw sent me. OK, not really, but I kinda sorta know you through her and you're nifty and stuff. :)
Aww, thanks! My journal is actually really boring, but you're welcome to it. :-)