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April 2010

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Best Seat Cat

Selling Catnip Pillows for The American Heart Association

Today through May 1st I am selling hand-made catnip pillows to support my friend Joelle in the American Heart Association Heart Walk. Her goal is to raise $1500 this year. Joelle's Goddaughter, Emma, has a heart defect called ASD, which basically means she has a hole in her heart, so this walk is very personal to Joelle. For more information on Emma and Joelle's story read it here.

The pillows are about 10 inches long and 9 inches around. They are stuffed with pillow stuffing and lots of organic catnip. Cats love to wrestle and bite them and they're even long enough that they can get a good rake in with their back claws! The fabric is cotton and has an adorable pattern of cats playing in a garden. The fabric is yellow, which is one of only four colors cats can see. In a world of black and white these toys stand out! The "tail" is made of green suede lacing so it's tough. All sides are double stitched so they won't tear open when kitties get rough.

The pillows cost $5 each. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Joelle for the Heart Walk. I will accept payment through Paypal or check/money order.

To order a pillow (or several!) please email me at angelicasharmon@gmail.com . I will send you payment information and get your shipping information. Please make sure to include your name and how many you're ordering. I will have a limited number of pillows - when I run out of fabric they're gone! So order soon.

If you're a friend of mine and can pick-up in person, I will hold them. If you're a friend of Joelle's and can pick-up from her, I will send them directly to her. If neither of these works I will mail them by first-class mail to whatever address you specify.

Thanks for looking!

kitty approved! kitty approved!


Dino says he would like two.

Well, actually, he said "Raaah" and gave me a kiss, but that's what I'm taking it to mean.

It also might have meant "put me down and stop making me look at that evil thing that gets your lap instead of me," but we're ignoring that. :D
These are fab! Sending my info right now. :D
Great, thank you!

Nope, feel free. I'll unlock it.
Didn't get your email, I'm emailing you. :-)
Thanks! I emailed right after I posted. Reposting this now.
Do you mind if I link to this post in my LJ?
Yes please!!! I want one. I mean my cats want one.

I can't believe I am buying cat stuff....
Ha! Thanks. Emailing you now.
Hey chica, just wanted to check in on the catnip pillow situation? Thanks!
I have everything but room to actually set up my machine. :-( I think I'm going to set up a tray table and work from that, because it seems the kitchen table will never get cleared.

I'm so sorry it's taken so long. I still have the list of who is left to send to and it's always something on my mind. I will work on them next week for sure, even if I have to sew from my lap. LOL

I think I may need your new address though? Pretty sure I don't have it.
Moving in takes years! LOL!

Thanks for the update. Someone who followed my link and bought some pillowed PMd me on Twitter and asked if I'd heard anything more. I'll pass this on to her as well.

Where can I email my address?
Please pass on my apologies and assure her I haven't forgotten.

Moving into an empty place takes years. Moving into a already cramped house takes decades. LOL ;-)